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Swiss National Day - New York City - 2014

Terms of Purchase Policy

The Swiss National Day celebration in New York City (SNDNYC) is organized by the Swiss Benevolent Society of New York (SBS). Each year, we sell event and raffle tickets, memberships, and other tangible goods, such as t-shirts and carry items.

Our goal is to make your purchasing experience easy, efficient and equitable, so we can get you on your way as easy as possible. The following purchase policies are designed to ensure your satisfaction and understanding of the purchase process on If you have any questions about the information below, please contact us. This Purchase Policy is subject to, and incorporates by this reference, the Terms of Use, and our Privacy Policy. Each event ticket that you purchase is a revocable license to attend a particular event and is subject to these terms.

Event Tickets:

Event Tickets to the Swiss National Day celebration in New York City may be purchased on-line, by mail (payment with check), or at the door of the event. If you have made a purchase at least 15 days prior to the event, your tickets may be eligible for early entrance and discounts, depending on the event venue. All tickets purchased at the door of the event, are non-discounted and do not allow for early entrance. There are no exceptions to this policy.

All event ticket purchases are non-refundable. The Swiss National Day celebration takes place rain or shine. Children and minors attending the event must be accompanied by and adult.

Raffle Tickets:

Raffle tickets are sold on-line, by mail (payment with check) and at the event. You must be over the age of 18 to purchase raffle tickets or win raffle prizes. No specific claims of odds of winning made are guaranteed, however, overall odds are estimated at 1 in 200 . Current year prizes can be found at the Raffle page. The raffle drawings are held in accordance with the laws of New York State, at the end of, or after the event. Winners need not be present at the event or drawing and will be notified using the provided email, telephone or address. Winners have 30 days to claim their prizes, and are solely responsible for declaring and paying taxable portions of winnings. All raffle ticket purchases are non-refundable.

Membership and Donations:

Membership and donations to the Swiss Benevolent Society of New York are not mandatory, but are strongly encouraged—we rely entirely on donations, and any donation you make is fully tax deductible to the extent of the law. If you pay for a donation on-line and later reconsider, you must contact us for a refund no later than 30 days of making the donation. Any refunds will be issued in the same payment manner they were made. When a refund is issued, you may no longer provide the IRS with your donation receipt.

Tangibles Items:

Tangible items, including but not limited to t-shirts and other clothing and accessories, water bottles and other carry items, may be sold on-line or at the event. If you are not satisfied with the item, and the item is still in "unused" or "new" condition, we may issue a refund at our discretion. You must contact us in order to process the return. Please allow up to one billing cycle for a credit, after your return has been processed. We will notify when we have processed your refund.

Shipping and Handling Fees:

Shipping and handling may be added to your order or raffle prize winnings in the event that an item needs to be shipped via postal mail or courier. These fees are at cost. Please note that all shipping and handling fees are non-refundable once the items have shipped.

Pricing, Errors and Omissions:

If you have made a mistake during your purchase, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may adjust it. At the same time, if we notice a mistake we made, in error or by omission, we will let you know, and will make adjustments accordingly.

Other Fees:

Customer agrees and acknowledges that by purchasing any product or service from this site or the Swiss Benevolent Society of New York, Customer shall be solely responsible for and shall bear (and/or reimburse) any payment refunds, including but not limited to insufficient or returned check fees. In the event that the Customer has won a raffle prize and a payment reversal is made for any portion of their played raffle tickets, the Customer agrees to return the prize, in new and unused condition, or agrees to unconditionally reimburse the SBS for the retail value of the prize.

Claims and disputes:

All claims and disputes must be sent to us in writing, fax, or via email, within 30 days of purchase. When sending an email or fax, please contact us to confirm delivery.

Mailing Address:
Swiss Benevolent Society of New York
500 Fifth Avenue, Room 1800
New York, NY 10110

Facsimile: 212-246-1366
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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